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 C. Achutha Menon
Former Chief Minister

Member, Travancore Cochin Legislative Assembly (1952-53), 
1st KLA [Irinjalakuda-CPI], 2nd KLA [Irinjalakuda-CPI], 
3rd KLA [Kottarakkara-CPI],
(Elected in bye-election held on
21-4-1970 and took oath on 24-4-1970),
4th KLA [Kodakara-CPI]. 

Son of Madathil Veetil Achutha Menon and Smt. Lekshmikutty Amma; born on 13 January 1913; Wife: Ammini Amma; 1 Son, 2 Daughters.

Graduate, BL. 


Other Positions Held and details:

Chief Minister from 01-11-1969 to 01-08-1970 and from 04-10-1970 to 25-03-1977.  

Minister for Finance from 05-04-1957 to 31-07-1959. 

Chairman, Committee of Privileges (1970-77).

Member, Rajya Sabha (196870), Taxation Enquiry Committee (1967), CPI National Council; Secretary, Cochin State Congress Committee, CPI Kerala State Committee; First in the State in S.S.L.C. and secured Gold Medal for Hindu Law from Madras University.

Publications : Loka Charitra Sangraham, Soviet Nadu, Smaranayude Edukal (Malayalam),  Kerala and its Problem (English).

Expired on 16-08-1991; Obituary made on 28-08-1991.

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