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 N. I. Devassy Kutty  

Member, 3rd KLA [Manalur-Congress (R)], 
4th KLA [Manalur-Congress (R)], 
5th KLA [Manalur-INC]. 

Son of Shri Inasu Nadakkavukaran; born in August 1928; 
Wife : Thankamma; 2 Sons, 4 Daughters. 

Graduate, BL; Advocate. 

Other Positions Held and details:

Chairman, Committee on Private Members' Bills and Resolutions (197576), Library Advisory Committee (197779). 

President, Arimpur Panchayat, Kerala Panchayat Association, Kerala State Karshaka Congress.

Expired on 13-03-1987; Obituary made on 03-04-1987.

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