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 Vella Eacharan 

Member, 4th KLA [Thrithala–(SC)-Congress(R)], 
5th KLA [Wandoor–(SC)-Congress(R)]. 

Co-operative Training from Co-operative Institute; Son of Shri Vella; born on 09 July 1918; Wife: K. Lakshmi; 3 Daughters. 

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Harijan Welfare and Community Development from 25-09-1971 to 25-03-1977. 

Member, Lok Sabha (1952–57) & (1957–62). 

President, Depressed Class League Malabar and All India Working Committee Member.

Expired on 11-02-1980; Obituary made on 18-02-1980.

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