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 T. S. John  
Speaker from 17-02-1976 to 25-03-1977.

Member, 4th KLA [Kalloopara-KC], 5th KLA [Kallooppara-KC],  7th KLA [Kallooppara-KC (J)], 10th KLA [Kallooppara-KC]. (The election of Shri Joseph M Puthussery to 11th KLA from Kallooppara Constituency where Shri T. S. John was the opponent was held void by the High Court on 8-8-2005.  Appeal on this case is pending.)

Son of Shri Mathai; born on 21 October 1939; Wife : Aleykutty; 1 Son.             

Graduate, BL; Advocate.                                                          

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Food and Civil Supplies from 19-10-1978 to 27-10-1978 and from 29-10-1978 to 07-10-1979.

Chairman, Committee on Estimates (1977-78), Member, Kaviyoor Panchayat; Vice- Chairman, Kerala Congress.  

Publications : Indian Education Times (Monthly).

Address : Thekkemuriyil, Kallooppara, Kerala.

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