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 K. Krishnankutty  

Member, 6th KLA [Chittur-Janatha], 
7th KLA [Chittur-Janatha], 
9th KLA [Chittur-Janatha Dal].

SSLC; Son of  Shri. N. Kunjukutty; born on 13 August 1944; Wife : K. Vilasini; 3 Sons, 1 Daughter.                

Other Positions Held and details:

President, Perumatty Service Co-operative Bank; Director, Palghat District Co-operative Bank and State Co-operative Bank; State Treasurer, National Labour Organisation;  District President, Janatha Party; General Secretary, Janata Dal; Entered politics through INC and served as KPCC member in 1969; Later joined Janata party at its inception.

Address : Ezhithanikalam, Velayody P.O., Chittoor, Palghat.

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