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 K. Somasekharan Nair  

Member, 4th KLA [Aryanad-SP]. 

SSLC, Upto Intermediate, Completed N.D.C. Malayalam Higher; Son of Shri Krishna Pillai P and Smt. Karthyayani Amma G.; born in Kumbham 1101 (M.E.);  Wife : L. Indira; 1 Son, 4 Daughters.               

Other Positions Held and details:

Active member of Students Congress and later State Congress; Resigned in 1948 and joined ISP; Member, S.S.P. State Executive; Being a Social Reformer, Set an example by marrying from outside the caste; Associated with Co-operative movement, Library movement; Participated in the Quit India Movement.




Address : Sreenilayam, Kulappada P.O., Aryanadu (via), Thiruvananthapuram.Pin 695 542.

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