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 P. S. Sreenivasan  

Member, 2nd KLA [Vaikom-CPI], 3rd KLA [Vaikom-CPI],  4th KLA [Vaikom-CPI], 5th KLA [Aroor-CPI], 6th KLA [Sherthalai-CPI], 8th KLA [Karunagapally-CPI], 9th KLA [Karunagapally-CPI]

Son of Shri Koppuzha K. Krishnan; born in September 1923;  Wife: Bharathy; 1 Son.             

Other Positions Held and details:

Minister for Transport and Electricity from 04-10-1970 to 24-09-1971, 
Minister for Industries and Forests from 18-11-1978 to 07-10-1979, 
Minister for Revenue and Fisheries from 25-01-1980 to 20-10-1981, 
Minister for Revenue and Tourism from 26-03-1987 to 17-06-1991. 

Leader, CPI Parliamentary Party; Treasurer and Secretariat Member, CPI Kerala State Council, Kerala University Senate, CPI Executive, Kerala State Council, CPI National Council; President, Kerala Karshaka Thozhilali Federation, Kerala Coir Thozhilali Federation, Kerala Transport Employees Union.




Expired on 09-07-1997; Obituary made on 14-07-1997.

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