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Programmes for Foreign Delegates

The Training Programmes for officials of foreign Parliament aims at an intensive study and practical training in parliamentary processes and procedures  with particular reference to the practices in the State Legislature.  It also provides an opportunity to exchange ideas on the working of the parliamentary institutions.  The Training Cell has undertaken following programmes for the officials of the foreign parliaments.

1. Training for the Officials of Maldives People's Majlis

The officials of Maldives People's Majlis were given one week training on Parliamentary practices from 12th to 17th March 2007.  Seven Officials working in the People's Majlis participated in the Programme.

2. Exploratory Parliamentary Mission in India

A training programme was organised for the five interns of National Assembly of Que'bec, Canada. The main objective of the training was to conduct a comparative study of Indian and Canadian politics and Legislative Institutions.  The programme was conducted from 5th to 7th March 2007.  The team witnessed the proceedings of the House, hold discussions with the Hon'ble Speaker and Ministers.  It was a whole new experience of the dynamics of democracy in the State.


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