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Aims and Objectives

For sustaining the golden heritage of Parliamentary democracy evolved in the State, Legislators, Administrators, Officials of the State Legislature and those who are actively involved in the functioning of the democratic set-up need to be imparted relevant training on various disciplines of parliamentary institutions, processes, procedures and practices.  With this objective, Training Cell was set up on 1st February 2006. For the effective co-ordination of these training programmes, training section was formed on 23rd November, 2006.

The overall objective of training is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Legislators and officials of State Legislature on palriamentary practices, systems and procedures.  It also focus on the transformation of an officer into a fully developed, duty conscious, motivated and competent member of the team with professional approach in rendering quality service.

  • To enhance  and update professional knowledge needed for better performance as the Legislators.

  • To improve the quality of service of the officials of Legislature Secretariat by enhancing professional competency

  • To facilitate the policy makers, legislators, administrators and those who are involved in the functioning of the democratic set-up on the tenets, tools and operational mechanics of the parliamentary institutions.

The activities of the training Cell include; organising lectures and seminars for Legislators and accredited media personnel; attachment programme with Bureau of Parliamentary Studies and Training (BPST) and Institute of Management in Government; induction training and in-service training for the officers of the State Legislature.

The major programmes undertaken are the following:

1. Programmes for Legislators
2. Training for the Media persons
3. Programme for Foreign Delegates
4. Attatchment Programme
5. In service training programme 




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