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Programmes for Legislators

1. Orientation programmes for new Legislators

Democratic polity offers equal opportunity for all to get elected to the Legislature. It is likely that a member elected for the first time may not be conversant with the intricacies of the parliamentary law, practice and procedure.  With a view to familiarising such new members with the working of the Legislature, the training section organises orientation programmes for promoting deeper understanding and appreciation of the Constitutional role and position of the understanding and appreciation of the Constitutional role and position of the Legislature as representative institution, familiarising the members more closely with the parliamentary traditions, operational mechanism and etiquette in order to help them in making the best and most effective use of the precious parliamentary time for more informed discussions with the ultimate objective of fulfilling the hopes and aspirations  of the people.

The Orientation Programmes consist of interactive discussion, sessions on themes of parliamentary and procedural interest.  Important topics relating to parliamentary processes and procedures are deliberated upon.  Eminent Parliamentarians and other experts are invited to deliver talks and hold discussions on various aspects of the working of the parliamentary institutions.

2. Computer Awareness Programmes


The modern technological advancement in the field of communication has provided enormous range of opportunities to widen the horizon of knowledge.  Therefore, the parliamentarians should  be equipped well with computer for better computerisation.   Computer Awareness programmes are organised by the training section for the benefit of the Members.


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